The Best Horror Movies to Rent On Demand This Halloween Season

The Best Horror Movies to Rent On Demand This Halloween Season

Oct 24, 2012

Truth or Die

Need new horror movies to watch this Halloween? Don't worry about sifting through title after title in the hopes of finding something good. That's why we're here. We've already brought you the best free movies on YouTube, and the best indie horror movies on Netflix, and today's installment is dedicated to the best horror movies you can find via Video on Demand (or VOD).

Some of these are available on DVD already, but if streaming rentals are your thing, you should be able to find all of the below on your VOD platform of choice, be it cable, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu or any number of other services. And you should indeed find them, since each one is a relatively new horror movie that's sure to either put a smile on your face or a shiver up your spine this Halloween season.


Truth or Die

It doesn't matter what country you're from, the preppy kids in a horror movie are never the heroes. They're usually just there to pad the body count while the more humble member of a group, perhaps the new girl to school, survives. This slick British flick, however, doesn't have that final girl. It's filled entirely with rich-kid jerks, so it's already off to a more interesting start than most movies about coeds and a cabin in the woods. And it stays pretty interesting throughout, thanks to its unique revenge plot, some polished camera work, and some icky gore gags. It's not a mindblowing movie, but it should certainly satisfy most horror lovers.


Lovely Molly

The latest from Eduardo Sanchez (one half of the duo that directed The Blair Witch Project) gets off to a rough start with an opening that promises to be a generic found-footage movie, but it quickly abandons the handheld camera and gets back to a traditional style. It's about a newlywed couple who moves into the house of the bride's recently deceased father and bad things happen. That's really about all the setup you need, plotwise. Thematically, it might be a bit too slow and heavy for some, but the scares are freaky and the lead gal, Alexandra Holden, is terrific. 



The less said about Israel's first horror movie, the better, but here's the general setup: Some teens go into the woods. That's a shocking, revolutionary plot, I know, but where Rabies really makes a difference is with its sharp humor and even sharper characters. It's violent and funny and often very funny because of how very violent it gets. It's not a scary movie by any means, but it is the kind of horror movie that plays best with a group eager to have a ball with every little twist and turn.


Jersey Shore Shark Attack

I know what you're thinking, but trust me on this one. If you like to make a few drinks with some like-minded friends and watch ridiculous horror movies, you're going to be hard-pressed to find a more entertaining one this Halloween season than Jersey Shore Shark Attack. It's the best Syfy channel movie this year, by far. Yes, that's not saying a lot, but this is a legitimately funny send-up not only of Jersey Shore muscleheads, but reality TV culture and Syfy's own special brand of cheesy creature features. The gore is pretty standard, as is the mediocre CGI on the sharks, but the script has a good amount of wit to it, and the actors are actually all highly entertaining. I guarantee it's the best movie costarring William Atherton and 'N Sync's Joey Fatone you'll ever see.


Juan of the Dead

I actually haven't had the time to catch Juan of the Dead yet, so I can't give it my own seal of approval, but I've heard plenty of great things about this little import. It's got the novelty of being Cuba's first, and only, zombie movie, but judging from the trailer alone it looks like it's got a good sense of humor and even better scale to it (so many indie zombie movies fail to deliver on that last part).



Horror anthologies are almost always a mixed bag, with some segments easily outshining others, and V/H/S is no exception. However, even if it could have used a more discerning edit (possibly dropping a segment entirely), there's some interesting stuff in here. If you can't stand found footage, either on principal or just physically, you may want to stay away, but it does manage to teach some new tricks to a tired genre. Hell, you could rent it and watch just the last segment and you'd still be getting your money's worth (but you'd be missing quite a few inspired bits in between).


The Loved Ones

This gnarly little Australian movie is one of my favorite horror films of the last few years. It's about a loving father who will do anything to make his daughter happy, so he kidnaps the boy she wanted to go to prom with and holds their own little hellish dance right in their kitchen. It's got an incredible energy throughout the whole thing thanks to director Sean Byrne, who pulls off the kind of infectious, captivating horror that Sam Raimi's early career was known for. There are a few great gags that are spoiled in the above trailer, so I wouldn't recommend watching it first, but trust me that it's worth your time. Grab as many friends as you can and give it a VOD rental. You'll be glad you did.


Sleep Tight

The newest film from the director of [REC] doesn't actually hit VOD until Friday, October 26, so mark your calendars accordingly. And you will want to save the date for this unnerving, freaky film about an apartment attendant who grows a little too close to one of the ladies in his building. It's a masterful, creepy movie with the bad guy as the main character (a truly great performance by Luis Tosar), which is always a welcome rarity in horror. Every movie on this list deserves your attention, but Sleep Tight may just be the best of the bunch.

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