What's the Best Horror Movie of the Year?

What's the Best Horror Movie of the Year?

Oct 21, 2013

With Carrie now out in theaters, that's about it for horror releases this year. Wide-release theatrical releases, at least, in case you know of some low-budget thing opening locally or something. That's pretty sad for a couple reasons, one being that Carrie had a pretty disapointing opening given it's the only horror title out this October and may signal less liklihood of Halloween horror releases in the future (maybe it can see a surge closer to the holiday next week) and also simply because there are a lot of you horror fans out there who have nothing that's new left to see in theaters for two-and-a-half months. 

As I just mentioned over the weekend, I'm not among the horror fans who mind. Not that I hate all horror, but it's not my bag in general. I'll see any kind of film if it's great, however, and one of my favorite films of this year (though I saw it in 2011) is in fact You're Next. That might be all I've seen for 2013, unless World War Z counts. It's a blockbuster disaster movie borrowing from zombie horror. In that case, does Warm Bodies count? I don't think so. How about Gravity? It's definitely one of the scariest movies of the year if not the most terrifying.

I've heard good things about The Conjuring, which appears to actually be the year's favorite with both critics and audiences. And I got enough people recommending Stoker to me in previous polls to know that's up there, too (sadly I still haven't made time for it). Other smaller movies that have received great buzz if not great theatrical runs include We Are What We Are, Frankenstein's Army and V/H/S/2.

There's also the documentary Blackfish, which I have seen and recommend -- it debuts on CNN this week just in time or Halloween! It's not exactly horror, but it has been kinda sold as if it is.

Other than that, what else do you have for a horror ignoramus such as myself? Recommend me your favorite so I have something fresh to watch next Thursday...

What's the best horror movie of 2013?

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