Watch the Trailers for Our Favorite Fantastic Fest Movies (So Far)

Watch the Trailers for Our Favorite Fantastic Fest Movies (So Far)

Sep 23, 2012

We're only three full days into Fantastic Fest, but there's been plenty of delicious content to devour. While we roll out reviews, galleries and event coverage throughout the week, we also wanted to keep you up to date on the movies we're diggin' the most. We'll revisit this post in another three days from now to see if things have changed, but in the meantime here are the trailers (where available) and some brief words on our favorite movies at Fantastic Fest so far.

I Declare War (Erik Davis)

"I Declare War is Stand By Me meets Lord of the Flies. I fell so hard for it. Hands down my favorite movie of Fantastic Fest so far, and definitely one of my favorite movies of the year."

Holy Motors (Peter Hall, Eric D. Snider)

"I couldn't tell you exactly what happened in it, or how I even felt about it, but I do know by the time it ended I was hypnotized in a way I haven't been all year long."

"It's one of the most gleefully bizarre (yet accessible) movies I've seen, a delightful reminder that we as a species are still capable of finding new ways of being weird."

Sinister (Erik Davis)

"Definitely the scariest movie I've watched this year. The concept feels familiar, but the execution of it is pretty brilliant. I loved every freaky moment of this one, right from its ridiculously disturbing opening shot." Note: Trailer features images that may be NSFW

Dredd (John Gholson)

"I've only seen six films so far (a light schedule) and Dredd was the one that knocked me off my socks."

The Conspiracy (Jacob Hall)

"A creepy faux documentary that utilizes found footage in a way that I've never seen. The second half is among the most intense extended sequences I've ever witnessed at Fantastic Fest."

American Mary (Scott Weinberg)

"It actually brings something new to the generally tiresome 'rape/revenge' horror-movie subgenre."

The Final Member (Jeff Bayer)

"While it wasn't on the same level, it did give me a similar vibe to The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. Who knew there could be so much passion surrounding a penis museum in Iceland?"

Unfortunately there's no trailer currently available for The Final Member, but we'll update this post as soon as one is available.

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