The Best Double Features of 2013: 'Zero Charisma' and 'Sightseers'

The Best Double Features of 2013: 'Zero Charisma' and 'Sightseers'

Dec 12, 2013

The year 2013 has been an incredible one for cinema, so as a fun alternative to your typical end-of-the-year lists, we've decided to celebrate our favorite movies by pairing them together. So from now until the end of December, we'll be periodically spotlighting movies as part of our new Best Double Features of 2013 series.

The Double Feature: Zero Charisma and Sightseers

Why to Watch: Although they seem like very different films on the surface, Zero Charisma and Sightseers revolve around many of the same themes and ideas. Both mine wicked black comedy out of their isolated, lonely and socially broken characters, taking what could be (and probably should be) devastating dramas and transforming them into crowd pleasers.

Both films feature unlikable protagonists, but that's okay since they're so fascinating. Zero Charisma's Scott Weidemeyer is a nerd in the old-fashioned sense of the word. Awkward and angry, he rules over his Dungeons & Dragons game with an iron fist. Much of the film is spent watching his real life quickly spiral out of control, but in his fantasy kingdom, he rules all. If he didn't have his game, who knows where his creative energies would go? Not somewhere nice, that's for sure. Chris and Tina in Sightseers have the exact opposite problem. Middle-aged misfits, the newish couple embark on their first holiday together and soon learn that they have a penchant for murdering the people who upset them. Like Scott, they're furious at a world that they can't fit in, but they've taken it a few steps further.

Neither film ends well for its antiheroes, but both end with the same conclusion. Outcasts who refuse to help themselves will eventually destroy themselves, but they will do everything they can to drag the world down with them.

What Order to Watch: For full thematic consistency, your double feature should begin with Zero Charisma and conclude with Sightseers. After all, the former is about a man who can barely contain his rage and the second is about a couple who let it all out. Secondly, Zero Charisma, while certainly entertaining, is a bit of downer, a megaton truth bomb that stings a little. In comparison, the much darker but funnier and more fantastical Sightseers should provide plenty of relief.

When to Watch: You could watch a double feature of Zero Charisma and Sightseers with friends and have a good time, but if you want the full impact of both movies, you'll have to wait for the proper moments. Wait until you're feeling sad and helpless. Wait until night has fallen and you're feeling impossibly alone. Zero Charisma should hit extra hard and Sightseers will provide a much needed violent catharsis. You should emerge feeling ready to get your life back on track.

How to Watch: Zero Charisma is currently available on VOD. Sightseers is on DVD, VOD and Netflix Watch Instantly.




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