This is the Best 'Dark Knight Rises' TV Spot Yet

This is the Best 'Dark Knight Rises' TV Spot Yet

Jun 18, 2012

By the time this film hits us in the face on July 20th, you'll probably see a good 12-or-so TV spots (maybe more), and all of them will make us want to see this movie yesterday. Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan are so committed to the art of the TV spot that they're even hosting a new contest where aspiring editors can throw together their own Dark Knight Rises TV spot for a chance to win a trip to the film's NY premiere. Today's TV spot reveal continues to up the ante, revealing what we think is their most powerfully addictive preview yet.

Sure there's new footage to be found in this thing, but footage aside the editing of it is fantastic. The TV spot slowly builds to this mega-frenetic ending that can only be described by writing the words "money shot" over and over for an entire paragraph (or two) -- all of it culminating with a vicious tease of one of the hand-to-hand fights Batman has with Bane during the film. 

If this TV spot doesn't leave you wanting to propose marriage to this film right here and now, then you don't have a soul. There, we said it!

(But seriously, it's pretty rad.)

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