The Best, Creepiest and Coolest Comic-Con Cosplay in Three Images

The Best, Creepiest and Coolest Comic-Con Cosplay in Three Images

Jul 24, 2013

Hands down, the best thing about Comic-Con is the cosplay. Sure you've got panels and footage and celebrities and all that marketing noise, but the real heart of these conventions lies in the great lengths fans go to re-create the costumes worn by their favorite characters. So much blood, sweat and tears go into building (and then wearing, and then posting for thousands of pictures with) these costumes that we should celebrate them more than we do in order to remind ourselves that on the other end of that thing someone is trying to sell is often a human whose life has been touched in a profound way by a story, a character, a franchise or simply one line of dialogue. 

This year's San Diego Comic-Con brought tons of new (and old) cosplay costumes out to play, and you can see some of the hottest over in our annual Hottest of Comic-Con photo gallery. But today we've selected three images that we feel best represent the best, creepiest and coolest cosplay at Comic-Con 2013. 


The best cosplay we saw at Comic-Con this year came in the form of a massive 10-foot robot presented by Wired and created in part by the folks at Stan Winston Studios. This thing was out in full force entertaining fans with various bits outside the convention that involved toying with a little girl and playing around with R2-D2. Check out video of the robot in action below.



There were hundreds of cool costumes on display this year, but we have to give tons of props to this dude who went full Marty McFly by re-creating his wardrobe (complete with props) from Back to the Future II. He's got the hat, the jacket, the hoverboard, the almanac, and while it's tough to see in this image, he also re-created those self-lacing Nike shoes and they even light up! 



This award goes to the girl who wore this incredibly realistic Ron Jeremy mask. It's very well done and definitely looks real, which is why it creeped us out beyond belief. [via BoingBoing]

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