The Best Cosplay Costume for Pixar's 'Up' That's Not Actually a Costume

The Best Cosplay Costume for Pixar's 'Up' That's Not Actually a Costume

Dec 10, 2012

Sometimes fans spend weeks and months crafting the perfect movie-related costume, and then sometimes an artist creates something that is in no way related to a movie, but could totally pass as the greatest piece of cosplay ever. That's exactly what's going in this image, featuring a girl who looks to be cosplaying as the house from Pixar's Up, but instead is part of an art installation from Myeongbeom Kim, a South Korean artist known for creating surreal and dream-like art pieces. [via Geekologie]

From The Fox Is BlackEducated in South Korea and the United States, Myeongbeom Kim produces otherworldly installations and sculpture works that juxtapose man-made elements with nature to create surreal dream spaces. Utilising suspension as a common motif, his works are constantly poised in a state of ambiguous wonderment. Within his installations, living things are held inside the fragile confines of light bulbs and helium balloons replace tree foliage, literally uplifting the tree and its roots. 

Since you're now probably jonesing for actual images of people cosplaying as characters from Pixar's Up, here you go.

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