The Best of Comic-Con: Batman, the Rock, 'Interstellar' and More

The Best of Comic-Con: Batman, the Rock, 'Interstellar' and More

Jul 24, 2014

Featured image: Giant monsters collide outside the San Diego Convention Center in the kind of dazzling spectacle you only get to see at Comic-Con. 

Need to catch up on all the biggest news, videos and photos coming out of San Diego Comic-Con this week? We've got you covered. Check out today's recap below. 


The Biggest News

1. The Rock Does Comic-Con

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson returned to Comic-Con by surprising a crowd of thousands with a casual stroll through Hall H, where he shook hands with many of his fans.Then he announced a free secret screening of Hercules, much to the delight of the raucous crowd.

2. Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey Shock Crowd with Interstellar Trailer

Even though they weren't on the schedule, director Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey gave Comic-Con fans a special treat when they snuck in at the end of the Paramount Pictures panel with a brand new trailer for Interstellar, due in theaters on November 7. Nolan said that Stanley Kubrick's 2001 was a big influence on the film, which tracks a group of explorers who jourrney farther into space than ever before. The trailer itself (which may be online in the next week or so) revealed different planets and galaxies while leaving such an emotional impact on its audience that many fans were literally brought to tears.

3. New Image Revealed of Ben Affleck's Batman

This probably speaks for itself. Expect lots more from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (May 6, 2016) at the Warner Bros. panel on Saturday morning.


The Best Costumes

We'll be running costume galleries throughout the week, but we've highlighted our three favorite cosplayers of the day below...

Peabody & Sherman rule!


Fantastic Walking Dead Cosplay


We'll call this one... "A Little Bit of Everything" -- featuring Bane, Star-Lord, Shazam and Superman


The Coolest Experience

Ever wonder what it would be like if you were trapped inside a massive tornado with no way to get out? In support of Into the Storm (August 8), Warner Bros. brought an amazing interactive virtual reality setup to the Comic-Con floor.

Bascially, you sit in a chair, strap on an Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset and within seconds you're transported to a fully immersive animated re-creation of one of the film's most intense scenes.

As a couple of characters (including you) hide out from an approaching tornado in a storm drain, your chair shakes and intense winds swirl around you as the vicious storm throws everything it's got at your makeshift hideout.

It's incredible technology that offers viewers a chance to actually become part of the film like never before, and one of a few virtual reality experiences at Comic-Con this year. We can't recommend the experience enough. For more on Into the Storm, watch the trailer below.



Video of the Day

Jack Black was all over downtown San Diego on Thursday promoting the upcoming film Goosebumps (August 7, 2015). Watch what happened when Fandango caught up with the School of Rock star.




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