The Weekend Rent: Amanda Seyfried's Finest

The Weekend Rent: Amanda Seyfried's Finest

Feb 24, 2012

Amanda Seyfried (pronounced "sigh-frid") will have to open those big green eyes even more this weekend in the thriller Gone. The 26-year-old actress plays a young woman named Jill who escaped from a kidnapping a year earlier only to come home and discover that her sister has been abducted—probably by the same serial sicko. Since the police have no leads, Jill races against time to confront the killer and her fears before it's too late for her sister.

Seyfried has graduated to leading-lady status in a relatively short amount of time. Although she auditioned for the part that eventually went to Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, Seyfried made an impression in her film debut playing one of the plastic and clueless titular gals. She then played the lead role in one of the nine parts of the film Nine Lives and had small roles in American Gun and Alpha Dog before turning her attention to TV and earning praise for her role on HBO's Big Love.

Seyfried sang her way through her breakout role opposite Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia!, an adaptation of the popular musical based on ABBA songs. Seyfried recorded five songs for the soundtrack and did a music video for "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)," which is included as an extra on both the DVD and Blu-ray.

At this point Seyfried started appearing on those "hot lists" in various lad magazines, so she began to turn up the heat on-screen as well. In Dear John, Seyfried plays the young woman with whom the solider played by Channing Tatum falls in love. In the twisted erotic thriller Chloe, Seyfried plays the eponymous prostitute who is hired by Julianne Moore to test her husband's fidelity and finds herself seduced by Chloe. In the romantic drama Letters to Juliet, Seyfried plays a young woman who travels to Verona, Italy and answers one of the thousands of letters left to Shakespeare's most famous heroine.

Seyfried is a real genre hopper, moving from musicals to romantic dramas to horror and science fiction with relative ease. In the teen horror comedy Jennifer's Body, Seyfried plays an insecure high school student who has an intimate moment with her best friend (Megan Fox) after said friend is possessed by a demon. Seyfried upstages the wooden Fox in writer Diablo Cody's follow-up to her Oscar-winning Juno, which is why you're seeing more Seyfried and less of the former Transformers hottie on-screen nowadays.

In Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke's spin on Red Riding Hood, Seyfried plays the titular character whose village is being terrorized by a werewolf and who herself is accused of witchcraft for being able to communicate thoughts with the wolf without speaking.

Although many of the previous films are aimed at a female audience, Seyfried's most recent disc release, In Time, is a sci-fi action picture that men will enjoy. Seyfried plays the Bonnie to Justin Timberlake's Clyde in a dystopian future where no one physically ages after 25 but any time lived after that must be earned and paid for, resulting in a broken society in which the rich live forever and the lower classes scramble to extend their lives for a few hours. Seyfried herself won't stay her current 26 forever, but all signs point to a long and memorable cinematic life.

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