The Best 'Hunger Games' Characters So Far

The Best 'Hunger Games' Characters So Far

Nov 20, 2014

At this point in time, we only have two Hunger Games movies to enjoy. That all changes very soon with the release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 1. But even without that movie, this series has given us a slew of great and interesting characters, the kind of characters we can really imagine hanging out with in a number of various real-life situations, many of which don’t involve killing people.


Best Character to Get a Drink With - Haymitch Abernathy

Obviously, if you need to get blitzed, this is the guy to get blitzed with. Haymitch’s traumatic past may have turned him into an alcoholic, but he is a fun alcoholic, the kind of guy who can turn his rampant cynicism and distrust into a great one-liner. And since we know he won his Hunger Games, it seems likely that he’d be good in a bar fight as well. That’s important because he’s probably going to start a couple.


Best Character to Take to a Punk Rock Show - Johanna Mason

You don’t want to go to a down-and-dirty rock concert with a delicate flower. You want to go with someone who has a little fire and anger. And no one in the Hunger Game series has more of that than Johanna Mason. This former winner isn’t shy about displaying her feelings (among other things), and those feelings are usually negative and barbed. She would have the best time in a mosh pit.


Best Character to Help You Hook Up Your New TV - Beetee Latier

Not sure how to get your Smart TV to work? Unclear on how to fix your messed up laptop? Look no further than science whiz Beetee Latier. This guy may not be totally polite to you, but he can rewire and reconfigure whatever confusing technology you have in no time. He might even improve your stuff. In fact, he probably will. Whether you want him to or not.


Best Character to Have Watch the Kids - President Snow

Sure, President Snow is a very evil man, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a good babysitter. That sounds backwards, but it’s true! We’ve seen Snow be kind to children. Furthermore, his strict form of discipline will teach your kids manners and respect. He probably won’t be much for playing hide-and-seek or dress-up games, but you can be sure your house will remain orderly and locked down while you are away.


Best Character to Have as a Wingman - Peeta Mellark

Poor Peeta. He’s about as beta male as they come. But while that’s a loss for him, it could be your gain. Anytime you want to look extra studly and confident in front of the ladies, just stand next to Peeta and suddenly you’re Tom Selleck. It’s not the nicest way to treat a friend, but Peeta will never develop the guts to confront you about it.


Best Character to Have Plan Your Wedding - Cinna

You might be tempted to pick Effie Trinket as your wedding planner, but that would be a classic mistake. While Effie loves pageantry and organizing things, she’s also a bit garish for something as classy as a wedding. The always stylish and subdued Cinna, on the other hand, doesn’t have this problem. You will look great, and the wedding will go off with extreme poise and precision.


Best Character to Have Plan Your Honeymoon - Effie Trinket

Now we’re talking! You don’t want to go on just any old honeymoon. You want to go somewhere exotic, somewhere fun, somewhere that will make all your friends jealous. Effie knows that place, and she knows all the crazy fun stuff you should do when you get there. She might be a bit pushy and loud, but you won’t regret putting her in charge.


Best Character to Hit Vegas With - Plutarch Heavensbee

It’s unclear exactly how much fun Plutarch Heavensbee would be on a wild night in Vegas. But if you want to make some of that fat Vegas gambling dough, this is your guy. Steely, bold, and totally capable of hiding every emotion, Heavensbee would simply kill at the poker table. Invest in those skills and you’ll walk away with enough money to buy a hundred more exciting pals.


Best Character to Announce Your Local Bingo Night - Caesar Flickerman

With his snazzy outfits, booming enthusiasm, and massive Chicklet teeth, this guy was born to be a showman. And no game begs for a natural born showman quite like Bingo. Flickerman has what it takes to turn a normally boring night of listening to an endless stream of numbers into a hyperactive extravaganza. Plus, he has no ideals, so if you slip him a 20 spot he’ll probably make sure the numbers work in your favor.


Best Character to Take on a Camping Trip - Katniss Everdeen

There are many great Hunger Games candidates for best camping-trip companion, but the best has to be the series’ big champ, Katniss. She can do it all - make a fire, hunt wild game, find water, stay alive while people are trying to killer - everything. Plus, she keeps to herself, so you won’t have someone talking your ear off all night.





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