The Best 'Ghostbusters' Video You'll Watch All Week

The Best 'Ghostbusters' Video You'll Watch All Week

Aug 21, 2014

Now that The Lego Movie is in our lives, spreading its quirky awesomeness all over our hearts each and every time we watch it, you may be feeling a desire to watch more Lego videos. Heck, you probably want all of your content from now on to just be Lego-ized -- and that's okay. We feel you. And we're here to help you get that Lego fix.

In honor of its 30th anniversary this year, YouTuber MonsieurCaron has created this terrific tribute to the film by re-creating one of its most memorable sequences with Lego figures. Utlizing Lego sets that came out this year, the short features a bunch of cameos from some other popular franchises, including a choice replacement for the ghost Slimer.

Check it out below. And for those who want more Lego Movie, know there are at least three more sequels on the way, as well as the spin-off Ninjago, in theaters September 23, 2016. Everything is indeed pretty awesome.




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