The Best - and Worst - Movie Promos of the Week

The Best - and Worst - Movie Promos of the Week

Jan 11, 2013

Even as a die-hard Hunger Games fan who’s eager to eat up any Catching Fire promotional material the comes my way, I’ve got to admit the unveiling of the Entertainment Weekly cover was rather underwhelming. The background is a little too reminiscent of a certain fiery mishap from the first film, and while Katniss and Finnick are looking good, those set photos stole this cover’s thunder. Fortunately the stills that came along with it show Francis Lawrence is on the right track and there’s a great deal to look forward to, but the movie isn’t Best Stuff worthy just yet.

The Best Stuff

1. 42 Trailer: Turns out a pulse-pounding rap song, even a somewhat misplaced one, still packs the power to get you pumped for a movie. But beyond the effective use of “Brooklyn Go Hard,” this new trailer for 42 is excellently edited all-round. Even before getting to Jay-Z it gets a stellar beat from on-point cuts, striking dialogue and a powerful score all of which highlight the drama, action and even lighthearted fun that’s hopefully to come.

2. Spring Breakers Poster: A bunch of Spring Breakers posters have surfaced over the past week and one is just as raunchy as the next, but the big winner of the bunch is this site for sore eyes. Just wait until tons of these pop on the street and you can’t help but to do a double take – and then feel embarrassed for doing so when someone catches you ogling.

Spring Breakers Poster

3. Wrong Poster: This is a poster for the new film from the guy who won you over with a murderous tire in Rubber. What’d you expect? Between the dog for a brain and the mustache for a title, this design for Wrong is exactly that: wrong. It’s unsettling and disturbing yet you can’t help but to keep staring.

Wrong Poster


The Worst Stuff

1. Jack the Giant Slayer Spanish Poster: This new Spanish poster for Jack the Giant Slayer isn’t just an ugly and unappealing design; it also suggests the full feature is CGI garbage. If this is the result of a costly and intricate motion-capture process, this production just blew its budget big time. The latest ones that popped up on the film’s Facebook page aren’t as bad and show off far more detail, but still suggest they might not be convincing enough for the film to work.

Jack the Giant Slayer Spanish Poster

2. A Haunted House Clip: I’ve never found David Koechner very funny, but between Piranha 3DD and this clip from A Haunted House, I’m starting to find his work downright painful to endure. None of the recently released clips from A Haunted House are particularly funny, but this one is so off-putting and grating, it’s a wonder how anyone will make it through the full feature.

3. InAPPropriate Comedy Trailer: Do I have no sense of humor or is this new red-band trailer for InAPPropriate Comedy an agonizing watch, too? Or perhaps the more important question is: who gives the guy from the Slap Chop commercial the money to make a movie? Oh, wait, I have another one: what’d they have to do to sucker Adrian Brody into headlining this nonsense? Hold on, just one more: what’s with that title? The trailer doesn’t really suggest the film has anything to do with apps or technology.

What are your favorite and least favorite movie promos this week?

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