The Best - and Worst - Movie Promos of the Week

The Best - and Worst - Movie Promos of the Week

Nov 09, 2012

Caught a movie at a Regal theater recently? How about more than one? Then you’ll understand why the latest Les Misérables trailer didn’t make it into the top three. It’s good, and even after one too many viewings so is that Regal-sponsored extended first look, but sometimes enough is enough – except when it comes to this week’s Best Stuff.

The Best Stuff

1. World War Z Trailer: The movie didn’t stick close enough to the book? Who cares? I never read the book! The brand new World War Z trailer rocks wicked pacing, a booming soundtrack and hordes of terrifyingly fast zombies. Looks like this production actually might be worth all the money, reshoots and drama.

2. Warm Bodies Trailer: Even as a big fan of Isaac Marion’s book, it was tough not to be skeptical after the release of the first images and posters for the film adaptation. However, thanks to Warm Bodies’ very first trailer, the film does a complete 180, defying expectations and highlighting the humor, the element that seems to be what will make Warm Bodies stand out from the supernatural young adult book-to-film lot.

3. Jurassic Park 3D Trailer: Jurassic Park is my favorite movie of all time, and while that might make me a little biased, I also absolutely despise 3D, so the fact that this trailer rouses enough emotion and excitement to make me look forward to slapping on those stupid plastic glasses has got to mean something!


The Worst Stuff

1. Escape from Planet Earth Trailer: It’s Planet 51 meets Paul meets Monster vs. Aliens. Not only is the lame animation design particularly unappealing, but everything about the plot of Escape from Planet Earth has that been there, done that feeling. It’s unfunny, unoriginal and looks as though it’ll only satisfy the youngest audiences.


2. Playing for Keeps Featurette: Featurettes should never equal trailer with talking heads, and this brand new featurette for Playing for Keeps is basically just the trailer narrated by the cast. The trailer is already out there; use this extra minute and 33 seconds to tell the audience why the film is a standout romantic comedy. The fact that Playing for Keeps doesn’t put the opportunity to good use leads me to believe the trailer is really a highlight reel and that the film’s got little to offer beyond it.


3. Oz: The Great and Powerful Poster: Oy, talk about a desperate attempt at throwing in everything and anything. Even though the last poster felt like an ad for an animated Oz, at least that one boasted some solid composition, highlighting a single character in a cohesive environment. Perhaps some of the creatures and settings are firm in the full feature, but thanks to this massive cut-and-paste job, all are reduced to indiscernible decorations on a manic collage.

Oz Great and Powerful poster

What are your favorite and least favorite movie promos this week?


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