New 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Image Reveals the Villain's Name... or Does It?

New 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Image Reveals the Villain's Name... or Does It?

Dec 10, 2012

Star Trek into Darkness photo

If you’re still wondering who Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness, wonder no more – Paramount has revealed he’ll be playing a guy named John Harrison! Wait… who is John Harrison?

That’s the name assigned to Cumberbatch in a new still photo released today. The actor appears alongside Zachary Quinto’s Spock and Chris Pine’s Kirk in the image – and the name thing is arguably the most noteworthy element of the entire story, because nothing much is happening in that photo.

The popular Internet opinion is that the name is a fake – Paramount has been coy about who Cumberbatch will play in the sequel, and that’s started an online craze with fans trying to guess who he could be. Anything that keeps people talking about the film (in a positive way) is good for the studio, so today’s PR move works flawlessly because we’re all now combing through Star Trek lore to make sure there’s no character buried somewhere with that name.

Of course, his name really could be John Harrison – maybe he’s a new character we know nothing about. If that turns out to be the case, this whole thing is totally anticlimactic. We can’t really see that being the case. That being said, we look forward to at least a week’s worth of blog posts making anagrams of the name John Harrison and spinning theories about who Cumberbatch might really be. Good times.

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