Ben Stiller's 'The Fake Trailer Project' is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Ben Stiller's 'The Fake Trailer Project' is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Aug 10, 2011

TropicThunder PosterMaybe we're just getting spoiled by an abundance of them, but I remember a time when fake trailers felt special.  There was just something exciting about wishing a brilliant little bit of fandom created for a phantom film (or films) was actually a legitimate trailer for a real movie we'd just never heard of.  At some point, however, Hollywood started to realize that the fake trailer game gets big laughs (one set of producers even curried some good web favor by hiring a YouTube favorite editor to cut together a pitch trailer for their own hypothetical movie) and before long accomplished, big-name directors creating fake trailers became commonplace.  

Well it looks like Ben Stiller and his Red Hour production company never got rid of the fake trailer bug they caught after putting together all the one's found in Tropic Thunder.  Deadline is reporting that the newly minted Red Hour Digital will actually be producing The Fake Trailer Project, a project made up entirely of...oh, you know what the drill is.

This isn't actually a film, however.  Red Hour Digital will be releasing the 12 trailer parodies online, one per week starting at some point later this year.  Don't let the online nature of this project shake your interest, however, as there will be some interesting names making these things. As of right now, producer-director Rob Cohen is on board for a few entries, as is actor Justin Theroux, screenwriters Tom Lennon and Ben Garant and director Amy Heckerling.

Speaking of fake trailers, we'd love to hear about and see some of your favorites in the comments below.  I'll get things started with my favorite fake trailer of all time, Lazer Ghosts 2: Return to Laser Cove:

And that bit of epicness only barely narrows out the trailer for Grayson

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