Ben Stiller Will Live 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'

Ben Stiller Will Live 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'

Jul 20, 2011

While Ben Stiller's been busy starring in Meet the Fockers at the Battle of the Night of the Museum: Part Deux, the comedic actor has been racking up several acclaimed directing/producing credits to his name -- including the 90's fave Reality Bites and Jim Carrey's The Cable Guy. He's recently set his sights on tackling a remake of the 1947 Technicolor comedy, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

The project has languished in development hell since the mid-90s with funnyman Carrey as the first potential Walter Mitty -- a daydreaming editor at a pulp magazine publishing house who spends his time fantasizing about leading an exciting life, instead of the one he has where everyone walks all over him. Owen Wilson, Mike Myers, and Sacha Baron Cohen were also being talked about as leads, before Stiller adopted the role for himself.

The list of possible directors for Walter Mitty has also been a long list of names, including Chuck Russell (Mask), Steven Spielberg, Mark Waters (500 Days of Summer), and Gore Verbinski (Rango). The script has undergone several rewrites to accommodate its revolving cast and the studios. The last writer attached was The Pursuit of Happyness scribe Steven Conrad, but there's no confirmation if his pass will remain for Stiller's vision of the story.

We'll see Walter Mitty on the big screen sometime around January 2012. Stiller's currently loaning his voice to the filming of Madagascar 3, and is awaiting filming of Noah Baumbach's While We're Young and Akiva Schaffer's Neighborhood Watch. Will Stiller's sometimes strange humor pay off for the role of Walter, and do you trust his directing prowess to capture the fantastical elements of the story properly?

Editor's note: And because we love Stiller despite some of his Fockering, here's a bit of fun a fan had with The Cable Guy:

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