Movie News: 'Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Director Rebooting 'Ben-Hur;' Trailer for 'The Grandmaster'

Movie News: 'Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Director Rebooting 'Ben-Hur;' Trailer for 'The Grandmaster'

Aug 20, 2013

Note: Images removed at the request of the studio

Noah: Darren Aronofsky's upcoming Noah, due out on March 28, 2014, has been described as an epic, and new photos certainly reinforce that feeling. In one, costar Ray Winstone doesn't look happy that raindrops are falling on his head; in another, Jennifer Connelly looks pensive as the wife of Noah (Russell Crowe); in yet another, we get a glimpse of the gorgeous, otherworldly Icelandic landscape where much of the film was shot. [Empire]


Ben-Hur: Timur Bekmambetov, the director of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and the upcoming Squirrels (animals as flesh-eating revenge seekers) is considering taking on a reboot of Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ. As we reported before, Keith Clarke has written a new script based on Lew Wallace's historical novel, telling the story of best friends -- one a Jew, the other a Roman -- who become rivals in the time of Christ and whose parallel story will also be told. We hope this works out so we can see a new chariot race! [Deadline]

Woody Allen: Once known primarily as a cinema poet par excellence of New York City, Woody Allen has gone on an extended world tour in recent years, setting his films in London, Barcelona, Paris, Rome and San Francisco (Blue Jasmine, his latest). Recently he revealed that he'd been offered financing to set a film in Stockholm, and now Rio de Janeiro is the latest city to woo him. The city's mayor says he is so eager that he'll pay "whatever it takes to get him to film here." [The Guardian]

The Grandmaster Trailer: Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai is known for his beautiful, art house dramas (Chungking Express)--and also for tinkering with them in the editing room up to the last moment. Reportedly he's cut 22 minutes from the original Asian release of his historical martial arts picture The Grandmaster for the U.S. version that's hitting theaters this week. A new trailer adds something else that wasn't in the original version: music by the RZA. [Yahoo! Movies]

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