Watch/Read/Create: 'Bellflower' Trailer, Scorsese's 'Goodfellas' Letter and 'ABCs of Death' Filmmaker Contest

Watch/Read/Create: 'Bellflower' Trailer, Scorsese's 'Goodfellas' Letter and 'ABCs of Death' Filmmaker Contest

Jun 14, 2011

Watch: New Bellflower Trailer Blazes Online

A new trailer for the Sundance/SXSW hit Bellflower has arrived online, complete with all its crazy, passionate, romantic, sadistic, self-apocalyptic freakishness. This is a film that's reckless, beautiful and horrific, and it speaks to a generation who often can't tell the difference between love and rage, and find themselves balancing between the two until something gives. And when that something gives in Bellflower, oh boy does it give ... you multiple reasons for your heart to begin beating a bit faster.

Synopsis: Bellflower follows two friends as they venture out into the world to begin their adult lives. Literally all their free time is spent building flame-throwers and weapons of mass destruction in hopes that a global apocalypse will occur and clear the runway for their imaginary gang "Mother Medusa". While waiting for the world to end, their call to excitement comes unexpectedly when one of them meets a charismatic young woman and falls hard in love. Quickly integrated into a new group of friends, they set off on a journey of betrayal, love, hate, infidelity and extreme violence more devastating and fiery than any of their apocalyptic fantasies. Often life's simplest and most obvious truths are the hardest to see, but once you've burned everything to the ground it may be the only thing left standing.

Bellflower arrives in theaters later this summer.


Read: Michael Powell's Letter to Martin Scorsese on the Script for Wise Guys (aka Goodfellas)

The year was 1988, and Martin Scorsese was getting ready to shoot a film called Wise Guys, which would later change its name to Goodfellas and eventually go down as one of Scorsese's greatest (and most memorable) films. Scorsese had finally met his idol, British filmmaker Michael Powell (The Red Shoes, The Thief of Bagdad, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp) roughly 13 years earlier, beginning a friendship that would last till Powell's death only two years after writing this letter. Powell had just finished the script for Wise Guys, and wrote to Scorsese to let him know what he thought, saying it will "make a wonderful film, and a priceless social document." [via Letters of Note]


Create: How to Join the Horror Anthology ABCs of Death as its 26th Filmmaker

Looking to be part of the massive horror anthology being put together by Drafthouse Films? They're calling it The ABCs of Death, with 26 directors and 26 ways to die. Each director creates a short film based around a different letter from the alphabet, and the line-up of filmmakers is pretty badass. When it comes to the 26th filmmaker involved, however, they're holding a contest looking for short films based around the letter 'T'.

More from the film's website: We are searching for the next great genre director. The ABCs of Death has already signed up 25 of the most talented genre directors on this planet and have saved the 26th spot for someone to grab with both hands and to throttle it into submission. The winner of this global search will have their work included in a feature film alongside some of the genre's most talented new blood. But even if you don't win, your searing talent may just be discovered through this competition. So if you want to take part in the greatest horror project since Dr Frankenstein first threw that switch, then just read the below and start those bloody creative juices flowing. Remember to upload your work as quickly as possible, as the more people you can get to vote for your short the more chance you'll be in the Top Ten and to go onto the final judging round, when the 25 other directors get to choose the winner. 


And here are all the filmmakers involved right now ...

Kaare  Andrews (Altitude)
Angela Bettis (Roman)
Ernesto Diaz Espinoza (Mirageman, Mandrill)
Jason Eisener (Hobo With A Shotgun)
Bruno Forzani and Héléne (Amer)
Adrian Garcia Bogliano (Cold Sweat)
Xavier Gens (Frontiers, Hitman)
Noburo  Iguchi (Machine Girl, Robo Geisha)
Thomas Malling (Norwegian Ninja)
Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police, Frankenstein Girl Vs. Vampire Girl)
JT Petty (Soft For Digging, The Burrowers)
Banjong Pisanthanakun (Shutter, Alone)
Simon Rumley (The Living and the Dead; Red, White and Blue)
Marcel Sarmiento (DeadGirl)
Chris Smith (Severance, Triangle)
Srdjan Spasojevic (A Serbian Film)
Timo Tjahjanto (Macabre)
Andrew Traucki (The Reef, Black Water)
Nacho Vigalondo (TimeCrimes)
Jake West (Doghouse, Evil Aliens)
Ti West (House of the Devil, The Innkeepers)
Ben Wheatley (Down Terrace, Kill List)
Adam Wingard (Pop Skull, A Horrible Way to Die)
Anders Wulffmorgenthaler (Princess)
Yudai Yamaguchi (Yakuza Weapon, Battlefield Baseball) 

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