Here's Proof the 'Wizard of Oz' IMAX 3D Restoration Will Look Pretty Amazing

Here's Proof the 'Wizard of Oz' IMAX 3D Restoration Will Look Pretty Amazing

Sep 12, 2013

Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is arguably one of our greatest and most enduring cinematic achievements, so it only makes sense that Warner Bros. and the folks at IMAX are pulling out all the stops in order to bring a newly restored 3D version of the beloved feature to theaters for a week starting on September 20. Now you can see firsthand just how involved the process truly is.

This new video feature (reminiscent of the one released for Jaws’ Blu-ray debut) chronicles the painstaking process of restoring this piece of cinematic history. Using the talents of over a thousand people (and computers too numerous to count), we get an inside look at how restorationists clean the source print frame by frame to remove years of scratches and dirt. From there, it’s off to the 3D artists, who work diligently to create a three-dimensional effect for a movie that was never intended to be viewed in the format. After that, it’s off to IMAX where they work their unique brand of magic on the print and get it all squared away for its big debut.

Sure, the behind-the-scenes action chronicling how movies are restored is a bit tech heavy, but the process is still fascinating to see in action – particularly when you can compare the source print to the newly restored version and see just how much difference all these efforts make.  Watch the video to get a firsthand look at the love and passion that was poured into bringing this landmark film of American cinema back to life for a new generation.

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