See How Computer Wizards Helped Create Some of 'Gravity''s Most Amazing Scenes

See How Computer Wizards Helped Create Some of 'Gravity''s Most Amazing Scenes

Feb 24, 2014

Gravity still photo

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity was easily one of the most visually stunning films to hit theaters last year. The tale, set entirely in outer space, called upon some intense special FX wizardry to create the illusion that actors George Clooney and Sandra Bullock were floating around in the solar system and not on a set somewhere.

As such, Cuaron employed a virtual army of computer wizards to help him get his vision from the script to the screen. We’ve already highlighted how some of this technical magic was achieved late last year, but today we’ve got another video to share that gives you a glimpse behind the curtain.

While I’ll always be an old-school practical effects sort of guy (nothing beats latex, physical set design, and Karo syrup blood for me), I can certainly appreciate the effort and artistry that comes with really good CGI – and trust me, Gravity’s CGI is top-notch.

Take a look at the video below, which is interesting because it shows how visual effects are created in layers or passes. It’s fascinating to see how simple these shots start and then compare them to the finished image that’s in the film. If you’re really into the technical end of these things, swing by Framestore’s blog for an incredibly detailed breakdown about its work in the film. [via io9]

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