Awesome 'Terminator 2' Footage Reveals How They Created the Film's Most Memorable Moments

Awesome 'Terminator 2' Footage Reveals How They Created the Film's Most Memorable Moments

Feb 04, 2013

T2 vehind the scenes

UPDATE: We've added a new video below

When people think of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, they often remember the groundbreaking CGI effects James Cameron and his team used to create the liquid metal of the T-1000. T2 is something of a landmark film in history for its use of computers to create visual effects, but not everything on display was done through programming. Some of the title’s most impressive moments actually featured old-fashioned puppets.

FX wizard Stan Winston and his team created multiple practical effects for the film, and we’re willing to bet that some of them fooled you into thinking they were done solely with computer graphics.

The Stan Winston school has released a new video on its YouTube channel highlighting some of these moments, and the work is amazing.

Take, for instance, the scene where Arnold’s T-800 blasts Robert Patrick’s T-1000 in the head with a shotgun at point blank range. Remember how his head split open in a silvery metallic spray? That was a handcrafted head donned by an actor to create those shots. Or, who can forget the scene where the T-800 almost chops off the entire right arm of the T-1000? That was done with a suit and wires (pictured below). It's incredible stuff, particularly since most people assume it was all done with computers. 

T2 behind the scenes

An even larger puppet was used to create the “pretzel man” effect of the T-1000 at the climax. A fully sculpted figure was built for that scene, complete with two technicians working the movements from beneath the legs and out of frame.

According to FX artist Bruce Spaulding Fuller, over a dozen puppets were designed for use in the film – a fact that often gets overlooked because the CG was so prominently displayed. CG is great – but this video proves that good old-fashioned practical effects are not only viable, but in some cases more impressive than their computer-generated counterparts.

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