Wanna Die in a Slasher Movie? 'Before the Mask' Offers Fans the Chance to be Leslie Vernon's Victim

Wanna Die in a Slasher Movie? 'Before the Mask' Offers Fans the Chance to be Leslie Vernon's Victim

Jul 27, 2011

Still from Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

A few weeks back, we told you about Scott Glosserman’s plans for a fan-funded sequel to his beloved 2006 horror film Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. We’re pleased to report that the project appears to be picking up steam, with fright fans putting their money where their mouths are and pledging several thousand dollars of their hard-earned greenbacks toward getting the “sprequel” (part prequel, part remake, part sequel) up and running. The film hasn’t reached its goal yet – and to further entice Vernon-ites to join the cause, Glosserman has added some sweet new rewards for those offering support.

Glosserman and his crew have unveiled several new packages, sure to please fans with some spare change taking up space in their pockets. The new rewards ring from $250 to $7500, but seem well worth the price when considering what you get for the cash.

Spending $250 gets you a DVD or Blu-ray version of the film, plus a personal call from Leslie Vernon himself, actor Nathan Baesel. Shelling out $500 gets you the DVD, a phone call, a prop used in the film (and not just any prop – they promise it will be something good), and a phone call from Scott Glosserman as well.

For $750 you can launch your acting career by appearing as an extra in the film. You’ll have to cover your own travel and lodging expenses, but you’ll be on set and in the film for less than a grand…

Fans who have a thousand bucks they’d like to donate to the cause will be rewarded with a set visit and invite to the wrap party where they can get their groove on with the cast and crew of the film. Travel and lodging isn’t included in the deal, but it’s still a pretty sweet offer.

And finally, the big spenders who can offer up $5000 to $7500 get the really sweet spoils. Five grand gets you an official Leslie Vernon outfit worn during the filming by the star – along with his signature scythe and mask. Glosserman says only one outfit made it through to the end of the original film, so this is sure to be an ultra-rare collector’s item for horror fans. $7500, meanwhile, gets you a trip to the set (paid for by Glosserman) and killed in the movie. Yes, if you’ve always wanted to die horribly in a movie, this is your big chance.

Here’s to hoping horror fans cough up the dough for these cool items – and get Before the Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon into production and out into the world. Fans who want to participate can do so by visiting the film’s official Facebook page.

And just in case you’ve been wondering what Leslie’s been up to for the past few years, have a peek at this new video – we think you’ll be surprised at all the changes in his life since his first film. 

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