Behind the Scenes: The Real 'Captain Phillips,' an Old-school 'Gremlins' Clip, and a 'Pacific Rim' Gag Reel

Behind the Scenes: The Real 'Captain Phillips,' an Old-school 'Gremlins' Clip, and a 'Pacific Rim' Gag Reel

Oct 09, 2013

In 2009, pirates raided a cargo shop off the coast of Somalia and took an American ship captain hostage. Richard Phillips didn't expect to survive — and he probably didn't expect that his story would be adapted into a movie starring Tom Hanks, directed by Paul Greengrass.

In this video, we meet the real Captain Phillips and hear what Hanks and the filmmaker have to say about shooting the tense, claustrophobic tale that takes place on a container ship headed for Kenya. The real-life horror story dragged on for five days, but Greengrass compressed the events into two hours, casting an unknown Somali-American, Barkhad Abdi, with no acting experience as the lead pirate who had the fate of the captain in his hands.

See what else the real Phillips has to say in this clip from CBS

Here's a fun clip we spotted on The Playlist of Joe Dante and the Gremlins cast during the filming of the 1984 movie. There are interviews with Dante, executive producer Steven Spielberg and star Zach Galligan, but the greatest part of the six-minute short is seeing how enthusiastic Dante is about the horror comedy. Get into the Halloween spirit with this great behind-the-scenes Gremlins video. 

The set of Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim had to be a ridiculously fun time. The director himself seems like a big kid, the film is about giant robots versus giant monsters, stars Ron Perlman and company have a wicked sense of humor — and the proof is in this bloopers reel, a special feature on the Blu-ray/DVD (available on October 15). Enjoy a few gags from the cast of del Toro's ode to Japanese mechs and B-cinema monster movies.




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