Watch: Nicole Kidman Trusts No One in the First Trailer for 'Before I Go to Sleep'

Watch: Nicole Kidman Trusts No One in the First Trailer for 'Before I Go to Sleep'

Jul 06, 2014


Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman are reuniting after The Railway Man for the psychological thriller Before I Go to Sleep. They star as a married couple, Ben and Christine Lucas — figures from S. J. Watson’s novel of the same name. The author wrote the best seller between shifts at the National Health Service while working as an audiologist. Check out the first trailer below.

Kidman’s Christine suffers from anterograde amnesia, which means she wakes up every day with no knowledge of who she is, unable to recall events from the recent past. Mark Strong stars as the doctor who helps Kidman attempt to put the puzzle pieces of her life back together and uncover the identity of the person who attacked her, causing her devastating amnesia.

28 Weeks Later and The American screenwriter Rowan Joffé directs the picture, produced by Ridley Scott. Firth and Kidman are masterful actors with great chemistry, so hopefully they can elevate the adaptation beyond its seemingly generic trappings. Still, we do love a good, dark popcorn thriller. 




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