Before His 'Avatar' Sequels James Cameron is Returning to the Titanic for One Last Adventure

Before His 'Avatar' Sequels James Cameron is Returning to the Titanic for One Last Adventure

Dec 07, 2011


James Cameron will be marking the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's tragic end with a new special for the National Geographic Channel, Titanic: Final Word with James Cameron. The premiere also coincides with Cameron's 3D re-release of his 1997 film, scheduled to grace the IMAX screens on April 6. The director has made more than 30 dives to the wreck site, where the luxury liner sank on April 15, 1912. Final Word will explore why the Titanic went down, using a new form of technology since Cameron's days with Rose and Jack. "He’s actually comparing his research with his film to see what we’ve learned since then and what can advance the story," said VP of National Geographic's programming, Michael Cascio.
Cameron will be showing his two-hour documentary with Bob Ballard's new project for the Geo show. Ballard's Save the Titanic is a new film that looks at the "human and natural threats to the wreckage." A member of the original team that discovered the Titanic site in 1985, Ballard will take us from the liner's construction in a shipyard in Northern Ireland to present day preservation efforts. Meanwhile, Cameron had a 40-foot model of the Titanic reconstructed where along with engineers, architects, and historians, the director examined the science behind the accident and the deaths of 1,517 people.
There's no airdate set just yet, but the team is planning a multiplatform initiative to get people in the spirit of remembering that fateful day. Expect an eBook, DVD box set, website with games and maps, plus more. You can also read Cameron's personal essay about the ship in the April edition of National Geographic magazine too. It's certainly turning into a lifelong obsession for the filmmaker. Will you plan to tune in? [via THR]

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