Before 'Beetlejuice' and 'Batman,' Watch Tim Burton Direct 'The Jar' on 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'

Before 'Beetlejuice' and 'Batman,' Watch Tim Burton Direct 'The Jar' on 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'

Nov 28, 2014

Tim Burton

Before he was making Batman and Beetlejuicedirector Tim Burton did some work in the field of episodic television. One of those credits came during the mid-1980s revival of anthology series Alfred Hitchcock Presents, where Burton was tasked with adapting Ray Bradbury’s story The Jar. If you ever wondered what a Tim Burton television episode on a major network would look like, well, wonder no more…

Burton takes Bradbury’s 1944 story and gives it his own unique spin while staying relatively true to the source material. The television take makes things more modernized (its set in the ‘80s, complete with all the hilarious fashions and hairdos of the era, and it makes the main character an artist instead of a farmer), and injects some of Burton’s soon-to-be instantly recognizable stylistic flourishes, but the core story remains largely unchanged.

The tale involves an artist whose latest show is savaged. He stumbles across the titular jar (and its weird inhabitant) in the trunk of a car in a junkyard. He makes it the centerpiece of his show and it has unforeseen consequences.

Burton made this episode back in 1986, and Beetlejuice collaborators Danny Elfman, Michael McDowell and Larry Wilson were involved in this production.

You can watch the full episode above.

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