Because It's Friday: Hitler Reacts to Lars von Trier Getting Kicked Out of Cannes

Because It's Friday: Hitler Reacts to Lars von Trier Getting Kicked Out of Cannes

May 20, 2011

You'd think we've tired of The Downfall meme, which uses one specific scene from the little-seen German film Der Untergang (The Downfall) and remixes it in an assortment of ways. One day Hitler is screaming about getting his car stolen, or losing an XBox game ... or, in this case, he's pissed about missing out on a meeting with Lars von Trier during a screening of his film Melancholia at Cannes. But let's back up a minute ...

... See, earlier in the week Lars von Trier was banned from the Cannes Film Festival for joking about sympathizing with Hitler during a press conference for his film, Melancholia. Festival organizers didn't get the joke (or want to get the joke), and so they up and banned a director they've been very kind to over the years. Since then von Trier issued a half-ass apology and then promptly banned himself from attending any more press conferences in the future. Meanwhile, everyone else was left debating whether the festival was too harsh or if von Trier deserved his punishment, and all the while the controversy has taken away from the fact that a lot of people loved the movie.

And now we're back here, with the first Downfall remix involving the von Trier Cannes situation. As much as we want to roll our eyes at the expected joke, it's kinda hard not to laugh your way through this thing. Enjoy your weekend!


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