Watch An Alternate Version of "Days In The Sun" From 'Beauty and the Beast' (Exclusive)

Watch An Alternate Version of "Days In The Sun" From 'Beauty and the Beast' (Exclusive)

May 22, 2017

Disney's live-action remake of their iconic '90s animated Beauty and the Beast was obviously going to be a big deal when it hit theaters earlier this year, but it somehow managed to even exceed already sky high expectations. Audiences and critics alike embraced the movie, which is currently the highest grossing movie of the year. And that's not just in the U.S., either, where it pulled in twice the numbers of other big hits like Logan and The Fate of the Furious. It's also currently the highest grossing movie across the entire planet, slightly edging out Furious.

Now you don't just please that many people around the planet by sheer luck. It takes a lot of talent and a lot of willingness to understand your audience. And it's not just big decisions behind the camera that matter. The little ones can add up, too, as you can see in this exclusive clip from Beauty and the Beast's forthcoming Digital HD and Blu-ray release. In it director Bill Condon reveals their original version of the "Days In The Sun" sequence and why they had to change it after showing it to a test audience.

Check it out.

Beauty and the Beast will hit FandangoNOW, other Digital HD platforms, and Blu-ray on June 6, 2017.


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