'Beautiful Creatures' Hopes to Be the Next Big Supernatural Romance

'Beautiful Creatures' Hopes to Be the Next Big Supernatural Romance

Sep 20, 2012

The trailer has arrived for Beautiful Creatures, Water for Elephants scribe Richard LaGravenese's adaptation of the young-adult novel series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. The books are set in a fictional Southern town, which is where two star-crossed lovers (Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert) first meet and uncover a bevy of dark secrets swirling around their families and the South Carolina town they call home.

Justified's Margo Martindale plays Englert's aunt, who tries to protect her niece from her family's sinister side. The young couple also has to fend for themselves against their high school's popular clique, led by Zoey Deutch, who also happens to be Ehrenreich's ex-girlfriend. Jeremy Irons shows up as an awesomely creepy uncle (shocker!), while Viola Davis, Emma Thompson, Emmy Rossum, Kyle Gallner and Thomas Mann also make appearances.

Watch Englert make windows shatter in her classroom and feel like the unwelcome new girl à la every high school movie you've ever watched in the trailer below. It ends with a kiss and a reminder that, "We make our own lives."

Beautiful Creatures hits theaters on February 13. Let us know if you've read the books and how they compare to the clip so far, below.

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