Beam This Up

Beam This Up

Jul 17, 2009

Star Trek Main

J.J. Abram’s reboot of Star Trek has proven to be the most satisfying and one of the most profitable ($250 million domestic and still climbing) of all the summer blockbusters. Now the upcoming Blu-ray of that movie, to be released day and date with the DVD on November 17, will include some far-out features that boldly go where no disc has gone before. The three-disc set will boast something called “augmented reality” that gives viewers a virtual tour of the Enterprise after they confirm their ownership by holding a special insert in front of their webcam for verification. Yes, you read that correctly. Remember when you upgraded from VHS to DVD and the fact that you didn’t have to rewind the tape anymore blew your socks off? Well, that was only about a decade ago, so prepare for warp speed. Other futuristic extras on the Star Trek Blu-ray will include a BD-Live feature that connects users to live updates from outer space via NASA and a “Star Fleet Vessel Simulator,” which gives users a 360-degree view of the Enterprise and other ships. Blu-ray Bob can only imagine the extras he’ll be reporting ten years from now.

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