New 'Battleship' Trailer Overdoses on Alien Destruction

New 'Battleship' Trailer Overdoses on Alien Destruction

Mar 13, 2012

It's not technically a Transformers sequel, but one look at this new Battleship trailer -- which even opens with a Transformers mention -- and it's safe to say Universal is going directly after the fans who've helped turn Michael Bay's Transformers franchise into one of the most lucrative of the past decade. Due out on May 18th, this preview for Battleship is basically all action, all the time. We get our first look at the aliens in the film, itself based off the Hasbro board game of the same name, which kinda look like they're wearing Iron Man-type mechanical suits. We also get an idea of just how big this movie is -- that it's not just isolated to one particular battle at sea; this is an all-out worldwide alien invasion movie ... and we can't help but think it looks pretty badass.

Sure you've got Rihanna in her first big-screen role (insert some singer-turned-actress joke here), but Peter Berg's latest effort also enlists Liam Neeson and John Carter's Taylor Kitsch as your lead good guy, who's tasked with saving his men (and women) from whatever the hell it is that's attacking their planet. Yeah, it's pretty safe to say there's really only one word that properly sums up this trailer and it's ... explosive.

Let us know what you think.

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