Morning Watch: Brooklyn Decker Bounces Through 'Battleship,' The Sound of Movie Guns, 'Dishonored' Trailer

Morning Watch: Brooklyn Decker Bounces Through 'Battleship,' The Sound of Movie Guns, 'Dishonored' Trailer

Apr 18, 2012

Last week Battleship opened in some 26 countries around the world. America obviously wasn't one of them, despite it being about, you know, the US Navy fighting a war with aliens. So while the fine folks in Finland or Hong Kong can wander into their local movieplex and watch Peter Berg's latest film in full, we have to settle for just little snippets of it, like the one below (via MTV) featuring Brooklyn Decker catching the eye of John Carter.

And from the voluptuous Brooklyn Decker we go to the latest track from Eclectic Method, which is an entire song remixed out of gun sounds from movie and television. Trust us, it's groovier than it sounds, plus it makes use of some pretty cool moments in film.

And finally, to help kick off your day we've got the cinematic trailer for Dishonored, a new game from the company that brought you Fallout 3 and Skyrim. This shows nothing of the gameplay, which is certainly frustrating, and it looks like a combination of several different franchises, but damn if its retrofuturistic aesthetic doesn't have has dying to see and learn more. Sci-fi fans will definitely want to press play on the below trailer. The eye candy kicks in a little after the minute mark.

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