Latest Stupid Teen Craze: From Planking to Batmanning

Latest Stupid Teen Craze: From Planking to Batmanning

Sep 07, 2011

In yet another effort to come up with some moronic dangerous stunt to attempt when they're bored and/or stoned/drunk, the teens of America (aka The Jackass Generation) have moved from Planking to something called Batmanning, which requires you to hang upside down from your feet without falling. ABC News reports that a group of Purdue University students say they've shot the first successful Batmanning video -- successful in that no one fell and the thing spread like wildfire on YouTube. Others who've attempted Batmanning haven't been as lucky (see the videos below).

A member of that Purdue University clan (who call themselves the "Batman Boilers") says that "people should use good judgment" when Batmanning, adding, "We had people help us down, our buddy catch our feet." Or, ya know, you could not do it.

Note to Christopher Nolan: There's still time to add a Batmanning scene to The Dark Knight Rises and really target that teenage market!

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And here are some not-so-successful attempts ...

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