Today's Big Superhero-Movie Rumors: 'Batman vs. Superman,' 'Ant-Man' and 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Today's Big Superhero-Movie Rumors: 'Batman vs. Superman,' 'Ant-Man' and 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Jan 07, 2014

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The year 2014 isn’t even a week old yet, but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from coming up with tons of rumors about all the hot upcoming superhero movies. Here are the biggest of the past 24 hours.


Everyone--and we do mean everyone--has flipped out about Batman-on-Film’s report that Warner Bros. is set to essentially change the origin story of Wonder Woman for her appearance in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman. According to the site, there’s an idea that WW and her Amazonian sisters will be descendants of Superman’s Kryptonians, who adapted to life on Earth – making her slightly weaker than Supes. Cue fanboy rage.

Honestly, we don’t believe there’s any truth to this particular rumor – but it’s certainly gotten the fanboys of the world all up in arms even though it seems to be a mixture of rumor and speculation on BOF’s part (you can read the author explaining that here).  We’ll have to wait til there’s some sort of official word before we can debunk the info completely, but Devin Faraci says he has multiple sources telling him it’s not true. So put down the pitchforks, Internet mob – Wonder Woman is gonna be okay. 

In other Batman vs. Superman (or Man of Steel 2) rumors, one site claims they've confirmed that Bryan Cranston has indeed signed on to play Lex Luthor in the movie. Meanwhile, we await official confirmation.


Next up, we get the latest update on events between The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The new film doesn’t really spend a lot of time dwelling on the aftermath of Spidey’s encounter with the Lizard, but if you were curious as to what was happening with Dr. Curt Connors in the wake of that film, you need only check out Marvel’s viral site The Daily Bugle Tumblr.

In the latest post, filed yesterday, we learn that Connors was found guilty of all 20 counts he faced and will likely be sent to Rikers Island to serve his time.

Gotta hand it to Marvel – it’s nice to see it show the aftermath of a superhero story like this one, even if it’s just through fictionalized newspaper accounts. [via Cinemablend]



Finally, we close with another bit of speculation – this time focusing on Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man feature.

Director Edgar Wright posted on Twitter that he was doing some “homework” along with a photo from an episode of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The ep in question was “To Steal an Ant-Man” – which has everyone speculating that the new film will feature both Henry Pym and Scott Lang’s Ant-Man characters.

This would jibe with Wright’s earlier assertion that he wanted to have both characters in the film – and Marvel boss Kevin Feige’s statement that the movie would be “a heist film.”

If this pans out, the next question then becomes which character will Paul Rudd play and who will they cast as the other Ant-Man? Start speculating now… [Coming Soon]

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