Your Favorite Thing Today: This Batman Tumbler Golf Cart Is Now on eBay

Your Favorite Thing Today: This Batman Tumbler Golf Cart Is Now on eBay

Dec 02, 2013

For those who have an extra $17,500 lying around and need to put it to awesome use, might we suggest throwing it all down on this Batman Tumbler golf cart. Because if you're gonna drive around a golf cart and annoy people all day, you may as well look like a badass while doing it. 

Touted as "a god among all golf carts," the seller claims it runs great and the cosmetic condition is excellent (see the tech specs below). They even have images of the cart alongside the actual Tumbler featured in Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, so you know the thing hangs out with the cool kids, at the very least. Check out more pics below.

What would you do with this god among all golf carts? Intimidate golfers? Make your neighbors jealous? Torture your kids by picking them up from school in this thing? Sound off below! [via @Gholson]

Tech Specs:
4-link Rear Suspension with Coil Covers
Brand New 6 Trojan Gell Cell 8 volt batteries have been replaced for this sale. Pictures taken before. 
Rear disc breaks were installed to allow stopping quickly.
500 Amp Controller
(Replaced with a Go-Cart Motor) 48 Volts 6HP 4600 RPMs (Clocked at 38MPH) 
Standard golf carts are always in your rear view mirrors!
Custom made Dual 28" Super Swamper tires - smaller version of the Original Tumbler Tires from the Movie.
110 Volt Converter
On Board Charger
Secret Kill switch as an anti theft device
4 Cup Holders
iPad - Stand
Lights, side mirrors
Horn with a noise that is as equal in stature. 
Rear warning backup buzzers
Adjustable Leather Seats
Batman Logo on a Sports Steering Column. 




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