A Historical Batman Infographic & "I'm Batman" Supercut

A Historical Batman Infographic & "I'm Batman" Supercut

Jul 16, 2012

There's a little movie opening this weekend. You may have heard about it. The Dark Knight Rises? A Bat-tastic Reddit user, gonzoblair, has created an infographic in honor of the final chapter of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. The massive chart explores the history of Batman and other major characters in the Caped Crusader's universe — starting with his creation by American comic book writer and artist Bob Kane, who debuted his superhero in 1939. It's a nice way to brush up on your Bat history before checking out the movie in theaters this Friday. Head to Design Taxi for an extra large version of the graphic, and get to know the DC favorite up close and personal.

If you need more Batman in your life, check out the below supercut featuring every instance of the iconic catchphrase from the Batman movies, television shows and cartoons — as well as several non-Batmans uttering the phrase. Nothing puts you in the mood for Gotham City's antics and badass bat power than hearing, "I'm Batman," from the brooding hero. Let us know who your favorite Batman is below.

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