Dear Batman, Please Save This French City from Crime

Dear Batman, Please Save This French City from Crime

Sep 06, 2013

Jacques Blondel was shot and killed in Marseille, France after he tried to stop some hooligans from robbing him by hitting them with his car and confronting them with a baseball bat and pepper spray. Sadly a gun was mightier than the bat in this case. However, someone is hoping that a bat will crush Marseille's crime problem. 

France's second-largest city has seen numerous gang-related deaths this year. The government is sending reinforcements, but the author of a mock online petition believes that Batman may be the only way to truly save Marseille. This could be a job for Ben Affleck's caped crusader—provided residents aren't also angry about the actor being cast as the superhero in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel.

There's more information about the call to action on a Facebook page (4,322 members strong) if you'd like to join the rally for bat-drastic change. We suppose there's always a chance that the pop culture hero can help the city's situation if it gets the attention it deserves.

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