This 'Batman' Arcade Game Is the Closest You'll Ever Come to Driving the Batmobile

This 'Batman' Arcade Game Is the Closest You'll Ever Come to Driving the Batmobile

Nov 12, 2013

If you’ve ever wanted to drive one of the countless Batmobiles that have turned up in the Batman franchise over the years, but didn’t have Bruce Wayne’s bank account, this new arcade cabinet might be the closest you’ll ever get to fulfilling your dream.

Arcade developers Specular Interactive is hard at work putting the finishing touches on its new Batman arcade game – an open-world experience that will allow players to race through Gotham City fighting crime in pretty much every Batmobile from the series’ history.

The new title is a full-on cabinet experience, meaning players will sit down with a steering wheel and foot pedals as they explore an open-world Gotham across six stages and 36 missions. No mere racing game, Specular has included 10 different vehicles for players to utilize, three boss encounters, and over a thousand lines of spoken dialogue for its 20+ characters. Warner Bros. is reportedly pleased with the end result.

While most modern gamers have spent hours playing as the Dark Knight from the comfort of their couch (the recent series of Batman console games have been highly lauded, earning Game of the Year honors), there’s something cooler about sitting down at a giant cabinet in an arcade. That feeling gets even better when players team up for a cooperative session – something Specular has integrated into this title. Two players at different cabinets can work together to take on Batman’s foes, which sounds fantastic to us.

Check out the cool videos below (showing off all the Bat vehicles players can choose from as well as the game’s attract mode) and then swing by Arcade Heroes for an exclusive chat with Specular boss Steven Ranck outlining the design goals of the project. Expect to see this cabinet in your local arcade sometime over the holiday season. 



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