Here's What 'Dark Knight Rises' Villain Bane Might Look Like Without the Mask

Here's What 'Dark Knight Rises' Villain Bane Might Look Like Without the Mask

Aug 01, 2012

He may not be as easy to understand, but Tom Hardy's Bane is easily one of the most fascinating villains of the year. From heated discussions about rerecording his dialogue to quirky questions about how the guy eats, folks have been enamored with Batman's latest foe, to the point that they're now interested in knowing what he looks like without the mask on.

It was a similar feeling watching Darth Vader terrorize for three films not knowing what he looked like underneath the mask. Once we did get a chance to see him at the end of Return of the Jedi -- all bruised, battered and defeated -- it was almost as if this weight had been lifted off of us. We didn't have to be scared of this guy anymore. Like Vader, Bane is definitely a freaky bad guy that we wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, but would he be just as vulnerable as Vader without the mask on? 

Austin Madison over at Munchanka decided to take a stab at various illustrations that show what Bane might look like without the mask. We say yes to Homer Simpson, but no to the poor guy with pink ears and an orange nose. [via Vulture]

What do you think Bane looks like without the mask?


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