Tom Hardy's Bane Gets His Own Soundboard -- Can You Understand Him Now?

Tom Hardy's Bane Gets His Own Soundboard -- Can You Understand Him Now?

Aug 17, 2012

Whether you like him or not, Bane is the kind of villain that gets people talking. Well before The Dark Knight Rises hit theaters, people had a lot to say regarding the character, most of it about how they couldn't understand what he was saying. Months went by, the studio did some hush-hush work on Bane's dialogue, and the final product sounded a whole lot cleaner than it originally did. Still, though, folks couldn't stop chatting about the masked villain -- from wondering how the guy eats to questioning the nasty acne on his back, you have to admit he's one of this year's most fascinating characters, both from an intellectual and comedic perspective.

Which is probably why people are still hammering on about his unique voice, going so far as to create this new soundboard for folks to play around with, perhaps in an attempt to more clearly decipher his Bane-speak prior to the film arriving on DVD/Blu-ray later this year, or to simply prank your friends. Either way we're sure you'll find plenty of interesting uses for this thing.

Feel free to click on the image below and have at it.


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