Image of the Day: A Closeup on Bane as he Entertains 'The Dark Knight Rises' Extras

Image of the Day: A Closeup on Bane as he Entertains 'The Dark Knight Rises' Extras

Aug 15, 2011


I've mainly been taking my behavioral cues from an ostrich when it comes to The Dark Knight Rises set photos.  I peek out just enough to get a glimpse of what's coming, and then I bury my head out of fear of seeing too much.  Of the deluge of fan photos that have hit the net, the only ones I've paid much attention to are the character shots of Tom Hardy as Bane, because I really don't consider what an actor's wardrobe looks like to be a spoiler.

When the first pictures of Hardy as Bane hit, the reaction was primarily negative, with many fans complaining that Bane needs to be a hulking mass that could break Batman's back over his knee without much of a second thought.  Well, if you're one of those people, you're not going to like these new pictures, either.  Personally, I think a more human-looking Bane who draws his strength from his chemical venom (which is what his mask delivers to his system) without putting on a ludicrous amout of muscle mass is more tonally in sync with the relatively realistic world of Nolan's Gotham City.  But what say you?  

You can find a several more shots of Bane on set at [via JoBlo], and don't worry, they're not particularly spoilery since Tom Hardy is clearly entertaining the crowd in between takes.  And if you want some cool background on Bane and a look at how plausible the science behind his Venom-based power is, head over to The Science & Entertainment Exchange.

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