Bane and Batman Make No Sense in First 'Dark Knight Rises' Parody

Bane and Batman Make No Sense in First 'Dark Knight Rises' Parody

Dec 21, 2011

Though many of you might already be sick and tired of hearing about Bane's garbled voice in The Dark Knight Rises -- a movie not due out until July, mind you -- we hate to say it but this conversation isn't ending anytime soon. After all, The Dark Knight Rises is the geeky movie event of 2012, and fans will be dissecting every inch of this flick long before it hits theaters and long after. Oh, and they'll be making fun of it too. Naturally it didn't take long for the first Dark Knight Rises parody to arrive online, taking aim at -- what else -- the whole Bane/Batman voice issue, imagining what an entire conversation between the two would look like. Meanwhile, a confused and annoyed Commissioner Gordon (representing the audience) sits between the two, trying to figure out what they're talking about.

Is it the most original parody we've ever seen? No, but it's still amusing. Plus, what else would we do if we didn't have big summer blockbusters to obsess over for months? Wait, don't answer that. Just watch this.

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