Ban on 'Human Centipede 2' Lifted in Britain

Ban on 'Human Centipede 2' Lifted in Britain

Oct 06, 2011

The Human Centipede 2, Tom Six's sequel to his grotesque masterpiece, has been sliced and diced for UK consumption. Previously the film was banned outright, with the BBFC stating that the movie — which involves bloody ass-to-mouth shenanigans — was "sexually violent," and unfit for our friends across the pond. Now Six's efforts to reverse the ban have paid off — if you consider censors making 32 cuts to your movie a battle won.

Some of the scenes that were axed involved the "graphic sight of a man's teeth being removed with a hammer; graphic sight of lips being stapled to naked buttocks," and more. The new footage is now missing 2 minutes 37 seconds of gory good times. Overseas distributor Eureka stated:
"We are really pleased that after nearly 4 months of detailed discussion and debate, we have been able to reach an agreement with the BBFC and to produce a very viable cut of the film which will both excite and challenge its fans. Naturally we have a slight disappointment that we have had to make cuts, but we feel that the storyline has not been compromised and the level of horror has been sustained."
US horror fans can see the movie this Friday, courtesy of IFC. Do you think it's better for Britain to have a dissected Centipede, or no Centipede at all? 
[via NYT and STYD]

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