Bad Timing, Bad Language, and Just Bad?

Bad Timing, Bad Language, and Just Bad?

Dec 24, 2009

  •  When PC Stands for Pretty Creepy TMZ reports that the DVD kiosk operator redbox is scrambling to remove box art from their displays of Brittany Murphy’s straight-to-video horror thriller Deadline, which shows her lifeless body laying in a bathtub. D’oh!
  •  It Girl! Move over, Twilighters. If you can appreciate a 12-year-old in a purple wig who swears like a trucker and blows the bad guys away with giant guns as much as I can, then this new red-band Kick-Ass trailer is for you.
  • Purple Gaze Speaking of Twilight, Summit’s released the first image from Eclipse. If you guessed it would show Kristen and RPattz mooning into each other’s eyes, you’re…
  •  Mad as Hatters Joblo has a brand-new hi-res image showing all the characters from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. This might be the first Tim Burton project I’m not totally jazzed about, but judge for thyself.
  •  Four Annoying Broads Walk Into a Bar… Oh my eyes! My EYES! It’s the Sex and the City 2 trailer!
  •  In a World... where Will Smith can put his 11-year-old kid in the starring role in The Karate Kid's hippity hoppity remake and sends him to China where Jackie Chan teaches him Japanese martial arts, you'll get this trailer.

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