Bad Lion: Fox Omits Extras on Key MGM Titles.

Bad Lion: Fox Omits Extras on Key MGM Titles.

Sep 21, 2009

Dear MGM and Fox (which produces MGM discs): You have one of the most impressive video libraries in all of moviedom. If people stopped making films tomorrow you could live off the residuals from the James Bond series alone for years. You obviously know that Blu-rays currently have 50 GB of storage—room enough for plenty of bonus features. What Blu-ray Bob can’t understand is why you are firing off anemic catalog releases that contain fewer extras than their DVD cousins. It started almost a year ago with the Blu-ray debuts of horror classics Carrie and The Amityville Horror. The DVDs were packed with featurettes, but The Amityville Horror BD only had “smart menu technology” and the Carrie BD’s only extra is the theatrical trailer. How about utilizing some “smart design technology” before you slap a popular film on BD this way? Now comes The Hannibal Lecter Anthology, which contains Silence of the Lambs and the Blu-ray debuts of Manhunter and Hannibal. Silence of the Lambs has all the exhaustive extras that the stand-alone Blu-ray had. Good job. So for the splashy arrival of Michael Mann’s Manhunter and Ridley Scott’s Hannibal on BD, you include none of the extras the DVDs had? Blu-ray Bob had to pilfer Disc 2 of his Hannibal DVD set to enjoy all the bonus material you should have included on the Blu-ray. This is sloppy, inexcusable and is not going to help convince people they should upgrade to Blu-ray when they seem to get more extras with their trusty old DVDs. Please shape up—you give Blu a bad name.

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