See How the Hilarious Pranks in 'Bad Grandpa' Were Created

See How the Hilarious Pranks in 'Bad Grandpa' Were Created

Nov 01, 2013

The prank movie doesn't always work, and it's definitely a genre that plays better on television in shorter segments because it's difficult to craft a 90-minute prank movie that's entertaining for all 90 minutes. If your audience doesn't invest in its main prankster and relate to his or her story, then you can lose them pretty quickly. As Bad Grandpa proves, the best prank movies are ones that use an existing fan base as their launching pad, hoping they'll convince everyone else to play along. Johnny Knoxville admits as much in this behind-the-scenes video from Vice, saying it's so much easier to attempt -- and then fail hilariously -- at specific stunts, but staging elaborate pranks takes a lot more work.

How much work it takes is definitely on display here, as Vice injects its fly-on-the-wall techniques straight into this often hilarious look at what actually goes into staging these pranks. From three hours in the makeup chair to hiding the cameras to finding "the marks," there are so many tiny details to cover when it comes to being ridiculous and silly.

If you're a fan of Bad Grandpa or prank movies in general, this is a cool video to check out.




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