Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do? Another sequel!

Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do? Another sequel!

Sep 03, 2009

  • Bad Boys

    BAD BOYS 3

    More Like Bad Sequel Idea No. 5,127.5 As if Bad Boys 2 wasn’t too bad enough, now some six years later comes word of this sequel we never asked for that hopes to reunite Michael Bay with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. With no signatures yet on the dotted line, I'll believe it when I see it.
  • Iron Man

    IRON MAN 2 3-D

    Just Leave ‘im Alone Aint’ It Cool News reported a rumor that the filmmakers were looking at what it would take to actually convert the movie from 2-D to completely 3-D. Leave it to Hollywood to muck around with what’s already next summer’s biggest movie.
  • dolphin


    Dolphins: 1, Japanese: 0...For Now Sometimes the movies DO get it right. The recent activist documentary about the annual September slaughter of thousands of dolphins by Japanese fisherman brought so much international media attention, not a marine mammal hunter’s in sight this week. Yet.
  • Robert Pattinson


    Big Deal It’s the most popular movie by far coming up in fall, according to Fandango users, 39% of whom picked the second movie above other contenders like Avatar (23%), 2012 (16%) and Wild Things (just 9%, what gives?).
  • Oscar


    Now Requiring Brain Power In yet another bid to raise dismal TV ratings, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced that its members will have to not only select their favorite Best Picture, but rank all (now 10!) nominees from best to worst. Seems like a lot to ask from the masterminds behind movies like Transformers 2 and G.I. Joe. And Bad Boys 3.

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