'Back to the Future' Fans Get Desperate: Now You Can Buy Marty McFly's Ugly Checkered Shirt

'Back to the Future' Fans Get Desperate: Now You Can Buy Marty McFly's Ugly Checkered Shirt

Sep 07, 2012

As monster fans of Back to the Future, we fully admit to being a little too interested whenever some toy or gadget featured in the films makes its way to the marketplace. Lately it seems there's been renewed interest in all things BTTF related, with Nike releasing limited edition knockoffs of Marty's shoes from Back to the Future 2, as well as Mattel's new "hoverboard" replica toy (minus the hovering), due out later this year. But now, with the big things out of the way, fans looking to score a piece of the franchise for a little less money are turning to some of the more random Back to the Future collectibles, like the shirt Marty McFly wore at the end of Back to the Future.

Yes, we're talking about that shirt, minus the dorky suspenders. As much as we respect the hardcore fans over at Outatime.net, we still think this is one Back to the Future reference we'd rather leave out of our wardrobe, especially when it'd cost us a hefty $70 to pick it up. Although we do have to give the folks from Outatime some props for actually convincing the company to create a special one-off line of this shirt decades later simply for the BTTF nerds who desired it. That's the kind of nerd-out we can get behind. 

That said, those looking for a movie-related Halloween costume that will surely stump their geeky friends might be able to throw this together fairly easily. All you need is this shirt, a pair of blue jeans, some suspenders and a red shirt to go underneath. Forget wanting to be the futuristic Marty McFly, it's way cheaper to be the 1985 version!

Those interested can snag their very own Shah Safari shirt right here. But hurry, supplies are limited. [Hat tip Vivek Bhat]

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