First Look: 'Back to the Future' Finally Gets a Very Nerdy Lego Set (Updated)

First Look: 'Back to the Future' Finally Gets a Very Nerdy Lego Set (Updated)

Jul 23, 2013

Updated from 6/26: Lego has revealed official images of the playset, due in stores on August 1.

There's always an awesome sense of satisfaction for a fan when they know they helped make a dream toy become a reality. One of the things you gotta admire about Lego is that they go to great lengths to help grant the wishes of fans, so long as they make practical sense from a business standpoint. It's all part of a program called the "Lego Cuusoo," where anyone can suggest a new Lego play set (complete with their own designs, etc), and if the project gets enough votes from the community then Lego seriously considers it. This is exactly what happened with a Back to the Future set not long ago (here's the original Cuusoo page), and after it received worldwide attention and tons of votes, Lego went ahead and approved it.

Lego has released the first images of the upcoming Back to the Future play set, which looks a lot more detailed than the one fans proposed. Featuring mini Marty McFly and Doc Brown figures, the coolest aspect appears to be the ability to create all three versions of the DeLorean using the parts it comes with. Uh, yeah, we're all over this one.

The Lego set is due to arrive on August 1, and it'll run you about $55 here in the States. (Anyone have a time machine that can take us back to a year where this set would be cheaper?)

So who's getting one?




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