Watch What Happens When You Give a Baby a Lightsaber

Watch What Happens When You Give a Baby a Lightsaber

Apr 03, 2013

Major props go out to anyone who can generate a somewhat original Star Wars-related viral video these days. The Internet was stuffed silly with them prior to the announcement of more big-screen sequels, and now a day doesn't go by without hundreds of Star Wars thingamabobs being shoved in our direction. There's even a new thing called Vadering making the rounds, for those surfing the latest cool-kid trends online. What happens once we've blown past the point of oversaturation? Well, we deal.

We make the best of it.

And we try to find the stuff worth writing about, like this video called "Darth Baby's Lightsaber." Using the home video motif, things get a little nutty in one household when it's revealed that their little baby somehow got into the lightstaber stash... again. Hilarity (and missing fingers) quickly ensue.

Check it: 

[hat tip to our good friend Aaron, who likes Star Wars more than he likes babies]



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